FLEURCO & BAIN ULTRA – Kitchen & Bath Classics Lookbook

Opus Collection Tubs

With body hugging curves, the Opus collection is perfect for relaxation. The Victorian-style details make your bathroom the most stylish room in your home.

Celestia tub collection

Sink Into Serenity. Inspired by the feeling of grandeur when looking at the night’s sky. Each tub has thin sweeping lines to accentuate the feminine curved design, making it the centrepiece of the bathroom.

Celestia 6233
Freestanding Bath

Evanescence 5936
Freestanding Bath

Evanescence 6634
Freestanding Bath

Evanescence Oval 7440
Freestanding Bath

Libra 6632
Freestanding Bath

Vibe Back to Wall 5828
Freestanding Bath

Modern Bathroom

A modern bathroom can be inspired by the shapes and elements of the atmosphere. Choose soft sweeping lines and warm metallic finishes.

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