Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
Satin English Gold

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Your home
is your canvas.

Bring the canvas to life with new kitchen and bathroom designs to mirror your style and personality in every inch. From materials to shapes to colours, every piece should be an intentional choice that carries your essence throughout the home.

Find inspiration in our online Kitchen and Bathroom Lookbook for Fall/Winter 2023 and shop the products in our showrooms.

Reflections Kitchen

Kitchens echo the lifestyle of
the homeowner and those
who pass through the doors.


Kitchen Sink Faucet

Starting from $499
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Pull-Down Faucet in Matte Black
Brilliance® and Luxe Gold®

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Single Control Kitchen
Genesis Spout and Industrial Spray

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For those who love to entertain, the kitchen reflects the laughter and fun of hosting. For those with a busy family, it’s a room of rotation where meals are made at a moment’s notice. And for those living solo, the kitchen is a place of experimentation and creativity.

Select materials, colours and designs that speak to your style to make your kitchen uniquely yours.



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Reflections Bathroom

Bathrooms often reflect the need for a
calm and quiet moment.


Dual Flush Toilet

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Widespread Bathroom
Sink Faucet

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Whether you’re getting ready for the day or unwinding after the sun goes down, the bathroom has an important role in staying comfortable and refreshed.

Find designs that meet your needs and speak to your senses by exploring a variety of colours, forms and textures from world-class bathroom brands.


Complete Thermostatic Shower Kit

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Do justice to the haven you call home
by casting it in the right light. Lighting creates
the perfect mood and radiates ambiance that
welcomes and embraces. Don’t just turn on
the lights, bring your home to life.

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