Kohler - Make a Statement

Designed with your well-being in mind, the Kohler Statement Collection will enable you to take your showering experience to new heights. Inspired by iconic domestic furnishing, forms and finishes, each shower piece features Katalyst™ Technology—air infused droplets that drench and cling to the body for a comfortable embrace.

Statement Showering Collection

Oval 14” two-function rainhead
with Katalyst® air-induction technology

Statement™ Oval 14” two-function rainhead with Katalyst® air-induction technology

Artifacts Kitchen Faucet Collection

Enjoy the timeliness design of the Artifacts Kitchen Faucet collection. Whether you like to use your faucet traditionally, or choose to pair it with voice-activated technology, you’ll be treated to unmatched craftsmanship and delight with each use.

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